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Nolan Livestock and Agricultural Group started procurement of products and services in 1997, relying on four decades of experience and execution in livestock industry and with the goal of meeting all needs of a livestock unit. The group has accomplished to provide a complete set of standards and solutions for construction, procurement and development of livestock projects, with reliance on its capabilities in three areas of “designing and engineering”, “construction and execution” and “procurement, supply, installation and running of machineries and equipment”, with the help of the world’s up-to-date knowledge and experienced and capable experts. Meanwhile, the company is aiming in long-term to be present in global markets and to provide after-sales services according to the latest global standards in livestock industry.

Mr Hosseini
Mr HosseiniManaging Director
Aisan Ebrahimi
Aisan EbrahimiSales Manager
Ramyar Azad
Ramyar AzadSales Expert
Farzad Latifi
Farzad LatifiSales Expert
Homa Commercial Manager
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