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Nolan Agricultural and Livestock Group

Nolan Livestock and Agricultural Group was established in 1997, with four decades experience in industrial livestock, agriculture, milk production and meat besides fifty years concerning in industrial farming provides their EPC services for livestock and dairy farm turn key projects by carrying philosophy of “step to step from land to milk”. This group along with its organizational goals and attaining related capabilities, accomplish “EPC” services in “Turn Key projects “even with expansion and continuous investment, supplies all necessary facilities and skills in three features: “Engineering design”, “Implementation construction” and “equip, supply , installation and commissioning of machinery and equipment”.

Recently as the biggest executive of “design, construction and equip”, livestock and dairy farm in Iran, accomplished, run and development several turn key projects all around country. One of the most important success factors of Nolan Livestock and Agricultural Group in construction and farm development projects is utilizing world’s latest Knowledge and collaboration with the world’s well-known experts and recognized international companies in this field. Nolan consulting engineering team by gaining experience and training collection with their partners from US, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany, etc. competent to serve complete collection of standards, requirements and solutions, in construct ,provide, manufacture and development of livestock farm projects.

Nolan’s consulting engineer and construction management team, in every stage of projects consuming the latest standards and innovations in the basis of their measurements and calculation. Therefore, errors and rework costs in such planning design, construction and machinery measurements are in the lowest. Nolan engineering team as a representative of greatest engineering companies such as Five –G and consulting engineer GM achieves the advantage of experiencing closely with their knowledge and winning national and regional projects inside and outside the country. 20,000 heads dairy farm in Qazvin province which will be the greatest dairy units in Iran, 5000 dairy cows farm in Ardebil, 2500 dairy cows farm in Khuzestan, 2,000 dairy cows farm in Neishabur, 1000 dairy cows in Saveh and many other complexes which are situated in various climates are sample nominated projects done by Nolan. In field of equipment and supplying requirement machineries for farms, Nolan Livestock and Agricultural Group, as an exclusive representative agent of the most well-known and high ranked international companies, supplies the latest and highest quality , technologies, machineries and equipment to the farmers.

The most significant machines and equipment are:

Requiring machineries in milk production field.

Requiring equipment in animal feeding and nutrition.

Requiring equipment in animal comfort and welfare.

Requiring in fertilized manure Management.

Ventilation systems.

Biogas and power generation facilities.

Management Software .

The exceptional features of imported products by Nolan is their conformity with the requirements of every farmers , create increasing production, health and animal lifetime and finally reducing production costs and improving productivity of farm. Nolan consulting engineering group ,in equipping section of EPC projects and construct or developing livestock farm , besides farmer’s interests , notifies advantages and disadvantages of each option, provide the most suitable offers to the employer to choose the best and appropriate due to their requirement and budget.

Consulting services in equipping farms:

In milk production, Nolan Group by importing and supplying three different kinds of milking systems for three different farm types; small traditional farms, average-semi industrial farms, industrial farms exclusively represents Boumatic from USA, Milkline from Italy, as world greatest manufacturer of static milking systems and Kurtsan from Turkey as manufacturer of mobile milking machines – installs and operates many system all around country and area. Install and run the biggest milking system in Iran with capacity of 100 milking units is one of Nolan’s grants.

In animal feed, feeder mixers recommended by Nolan group are:

Vertical feeder mixer by jaylor from Canada, horizontal feeder mixer by Tatoma from Spain and verimal from Turkey.

Nolan group has been set up more than 300 feeder mixers in almost every farm around area. In animal comfort and welfare, Nolan manufactures and imports every related and required equipment and products which can be numbered as : Free-Stall and head lock manufactured by Nolan factory and mat by Kraiburg from Germany, brings health and comfort for caws, which are important factors to increase milk production and quality. Ventilation systems, sprays and cooling fans are other important products which provided by Sun North from Canada.

Livestock wastes and manure is a serious threat for the animal health and increasing spoilage and disease. However a profitable economic opportunity just lay in processed manure. Therefore manure and fertilizer management along with collecting are important accomplishment in farm. Due to this importance, Nolan offers a complete collection of collecting, delivering, and processing manure.

Cri-Man from Italy, manufacturer all kinds of pumps, mixers and various centrifugal separators, beside JOZ manufacturer of flushing pumps and equipment mixers, roller separators, different hydraulic scrapers, Robotic and mechanic scrapers are both two best international manufacturer and supplier of manure collection , and processing systems in the world .

In livestock management, herd management software provided by Uniform Agri and milking management software by Nedap are two other selected management software that localized at the IT department of Nolan and has been provided to farmers. Launching the first DHI (Dairy Herd Improvement) center which is affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and equipped by Uniform Agri software to manage the protected herds, is one of Nolan greatest honorable service and projects in Iran.

Nolan Livestock and Agricultural Group Departments:

1. Nolan Consulting Engineering:

Executive of EPC project, construction and development of livestock farms.

2. Commercial department:

supplier and procurement of the latest technologies and innovation in livestock industry and specifically in milking systems, feeding machinery ,manure management, equipment ventilation systems, cow comfort and welfare products.

3. Research and development:

Nolan group along with their long-term goals in improving technical knowledge of organization in each department has been settled research and development unit to gain this goal. Researches and study on biogas systems to extract gas, electricity and energy from manure is one of the research and feasibility studies of this department which has just accomplished. Improving knowledge of livestock and farming, culturing new solution to farmers is another aim and philosophy of Nolan. In this regard by publishing a season journal exclusively subjected to livestock and dairy industry, imaginative step is done. Also running particular library, archiving scientific articles, and magazines and in direct contact with several top professors and experts of the industry could be counted of Nolan RandD activities.

4. Information Technology:

This section has been started their activities exclusively since 2006 by employing experienced experts to provide required software services for better management, monitoring and analyzing animal production and herd management.

This department launched first DHI center by support of two managing software: Nedap and Uniform-Agri for the first time in Iran.

5. Engineering and Technical:

By positive team working of experienced-technicians in installation, operation and after sales service Nolan products and services has been represented in the best quality to farms.

6. Promotion and education:

By goal of educating farmers and every related people in livestock farming sector, this department provide its goals to two fields: commercial advertising and promotional. Participating in every local and international exhibition , presenting information about Nolan products and services in various advertising formats in addition to publishing Nolan Journal specifically for dairy cows, educational and promotional leaflets, holding seminars and workshops transforms the latest knowledge and expand it everywhere we step in.

7. Manufacturing:

By aim of producing suitable and affordable equipment, machineries, products for livestock farms has started their activities since 1997 in Iran. By supporting from RandD department, Technical and commercial department and bringing useful machineries and technologies for molding, measurements, etc. milking frames, boxes and Free Stall, headlocks, bedding mat and scraper produces locally and exclusively by Nolan.

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