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Nolan Agricultural and Livestock Group

Nolan Livestock and Agricultural Group was established in 1968, with almost 50 years’ experience in industrial livestock, agriculture farming provides EPC services for livestock and dairy farm turn key projects by carrying philosophy of “step to step from land to milk”.

The first foundation break of the Nolan Group is Laban dairy farm which is one of the greatest dairy farms in Iran with 7500 dairy caw, and 100 ton milk production per day became the number one farm for two continuous years due to high standards and milk quality.

Since then the company developed their activity in industrial meat production, milk processing factory, agriculture harvesting, equipment manufacturing and also collaboration with high quality and well known international companies for providing the latest innovation in the market and achieve the goal of supplying EPC services.

This group with direct collaboration with several agriculture universities, worldwide associations and high tech companies became the number one company in the area for the best engineering and consulting services for agriculture and livestock farming.

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